A collection of humorous and lighthearted essays from award-winning writer and author Eugene Buchanan centered around 25 years of living in the mountainous environment of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. A must for anyone already living in or thinking about moving to a mountain town. 

Book Reviews: Tales From A Mountain Town

"Will make you want to pick up and move to the mountains after the first chapter."

-- The Inertia


“A hilarious cross-section of the situations you find yourself in living in the hills.” 

--Peter Kray, author, The God of Skiing


“A fun and easy-to-read road map for anyone dreaming of living the mountain town life.”

--Elevation Outdoors


“A lighthearted menagerie of mountain town living.”

“A vivid and lighthearted glimpse of the type of community that defines Colorado's high country. 

--The Denver Post

First Edition Release Date:  2017

First Edition Release Date: 2017

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