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Comrades On the Colca: A Race for Adventure and Incan Treasure in One of the World's Last Unexplored Canyons

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Join Eugene Buchanan, author of Brothers on the Bashkaus, in his latest tale of travel and adventure.

In Comrades on the Colca, published by Colorado-based Conundrum Press, this time he is in South America with a team of Polish explorers on a first descent down the Cruz del Condor section of Peru’s Colca Canyon, the deepest gorge in the world.

Negotiating everything from unrunnable cascades to Incan mummy-filled caves and skin-bubbling plants, en route they discover not only the camaraderie needed to survive but a rival Polish team bent on beating them to the expedition plum.

Interspersed with tales of Incan history, legends of treasure hunting, and other South American exploits, Comrades on the Colca plunges the reader into a gripping adventure travel narrative that will have the reader reaching for a paddle and plane ticket to wilds of Peru.

Tales From A Mountain Town: Musings From 25 years of Living in the Colorado Rockies

A collection of humorous and lighthearted essays from award-winning writer and author Eugene Buchanan centered around 25 years of living in the mountainous environment of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. A must for anyone already living in or thinking about moving to a mountain town. 

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Brothers on the Bashkaus

Join Eugene Buchanan, former publisher and editor-in-chief of Paddler magazine, as he wins the first-ever river-oriented Shipton-Tilman Grant from W.L. Gore & Assoc.'s only to end up on a hair-raising 28-day decent of the Bashkaus, one of the hardest rivers in all Siberia. Sidetracked by Latvia's Team Konkas, they paddle rafts made from germ warfare suits, don lifejackets made from soccer balls adn wine bladders, trade vodka to gun-toting horseman for freshly butchered sheep, and language and cultural barriers aside to bond as brothers in one of paddling literature's wildest rides. Value-added Bonus! The author will sign/dedicate all copies ordered from this site.

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Ultimate Canoe and Kayak Adventures

Discover some of the most extraordinary paddling experiences from around the world

Detailing 100 of the best places to paddle in the world, Ultimate Canoe and Kayak Adventures is a stunningly illustrated compilation of canoeing and kayaking hot spots around the globe that offers something for everyone from the whitewater adrenaline junkie to the extreme sea kayaker.

The adventures cover every sort of paddling from mountain chasms, gentle rivers and lakes, crashing surf, dramatic coasts and the oceans beyond. Paddle from the frozen wastes of Alaska to the tropical rivers of South America.

Explore the rivers and seas of Europe and visit the stunning waters of the Far East and Australasia. Striking full-page color pictures are matched with lively descriptions that bring the adventures to life. There's also extra information telling you how, where and when to try each one for yourself. The majority of the book was written by Eugene Buchanan, the former publisher/editor-in-chief of Paddler magazine and founder of, and comes on the heels of his two previous books, Brothers on the Bashkaus ( and award-winning Outdoor Parents, Outdoor Kids ( I'd like to say I've to been to every one of these paddling hotbeds, says Buchanan. But there are still quite a few I need to tick off the bucket list. But it's a great representation of the best paddling spots on the planet.

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Outdoor Parents, Outdoor Kids

The fate of the environment and our children's health rests with connecting kids with the outdoors. Outdoor Parents, Outdoor Kids shines a much-needed headlamp on ways parents can accomplish this and more. With an informative and entertaining look at biking, camping, swimming, paddling, hiking, fishing, snowsports, climbing and more, award-winning author Eugene Buchanan extends parents a helping hand in getting their kids outside and instilling in them a respect for their health and the environment. It's a set of training wheels for first-time parents or those inexperienced in the outdoors, and an essential guide for hair-pulling veterans.

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